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A brand-new and more modern version of Podcast Generator is expected in early 2018. Read more: [LINK] Stay tuned :)...

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Podcast Generator 2.6 released

Feb 28, 2016 7:01 AM

Podcast Generator 2.6 is out! Changelog: - Fixed a potential security issue with files deletion; - Fixed a bug concerning the upload of files which have the same...

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Since the introduction of episodes embedded images in Podcast Generator, one of the most recurring questions has been why iTunes and the iOS Podcast app...

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It's just the best podcast script ever. Brilliant job. Everything just works, Not to mention it's 100% free. oid-3943370
Very easy to use, good documentation, and fun to create with. Works on just about any web host as well! Cheers! oid-3702366
Most comprehensive free rss generator you can find. You supply the content, it does all the work. oid-3577424
This thing is awesome. I used to have to manage the podcast for this gentleman but now he is able to do it himself. oid-2670331
Fast, Functional, Simple and Efficient. startedmana
This has been a lifesaver! rjchaney713

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